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you have seven days.

fail, and face erasure.

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a real life reaper's game.

Have you ever wanted to play the Reaper's Game in real life (without dying of course)? Well now you can! 7dayslimit is a community where we take the Reaper's Game out of the DS and into real life.

Have no idea what the heck you just read about? WELL... this game is based off the DS game made by Square-Enix and Jupiter titled The World Ends With You (or Subarashiki Kono Sekai in Japanese). I suggest you check it out! BUT DON'T FRET... you don't have to play it to understand the missions (but some might make more sense)!

Basically, each days for a week(for who knows how long), the Reapers will assign challenges, that you as a player, have to do. Just like the Reaper's Game in the game, if you fail, you will face erasure. And for the rest of the players, well... you face erasure (not literally of course, we don't have the powers to do that).

example of challenge:
Find a four leaf clover. You have 7 days. Fail, and face erasure.
-The Reapers.

Kay so! You get the challenge, what do you? Do whatever the challenge asks you to do and then take a picture of it(or whatever the challenge asks for)! Then submit the picture by commenting on the challenge post. If you pass the challenge, a Reaper (mod) will comment saying you pass. It's that easy~ ♥

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